Marketing Manager

Reach Out and Read is seeking a full-time Marketing Manager

Position Summary:

The Marketing Manager reports directly to the Chief Development Officer and works with members of the national network of Reach Out and Read to contribute to, and implement, marketing and communications strategies and the creation of collateral in an effort to raise the awareness of the Reach Out and Read brand. The Marketing Manager will seek to enhance awareness of the Reach Out and Read brand in an effort to drive revenue and to bring as many stakeholders who can support Reach Out and Read's mission and values to ultimately serve the medical providers, children and families we serve.
The Marketing Manager is responsible for:
1. Marketing and Communications Strategy Implementation
  • Contribute to and execute a strategic marketing plan for external communications with stakeholder groups including, but not limited to: Board of Directors, staff, executive leadership, national corporations, donors, prospective donors, health care providers, political influencers, and families served by Reach Out and Read.
  • Develop new and innovative methods to reach new audiences, and cultivate and grow existing relationships to deepen their impact on our mission.
  • Continue to refine and streamline Reach Out and Read's messaging and materials.
  • Work closely with national staff, network leaders and their respective challenges, feedback and more to align marketing efforts with Reach Out and Read's current branding.
  • Lead cause-related marketing events with corporate partners.
  • Align campaigns to other leading national initiatives to leverage a broad audience oflike-minded stakeholders.
  • Create a national media kit and template for network-wide distribution.
2. Media Relations
  • Develop and grow strong relationships with members of the media in all areas, including web, newspaper, blog, medical journals, etc.
  • Investigate new opportunities for outreach and positive positioning.
  • Draft and place press releases, bylines, and statements where applicable and on a regular basis.
  • Propose, draft and edit timely commentaries and op-eds for Chief Executive Officer, Board Members, and other key stakeholders within the network.
  • Support network media relations.
3. Website
  • Coordinate all aspects of the national website, and seek to generate original content weekly.
  • Provide all members of our network with samples for doing the same on their websites.
  • Drive traffic to Reach Out and Read's national website through SEO, PPC, Social Media, and other advertising and marketing platforms.
  • Track website activity and metrics using Google Analytics, social media analytics, and Key Performance Indicators. Report on these once a month on National Fundraising Call and report to Chief Development Officer and Chief Executive Officer as requested. Use these indicators to improve and drive website traffic and revenue.
  • Look for other revenue driving platforms, i.e. Virtual Book Drive and stewardship platforms.
4. Materials/Resources
  • Create innovative collateral and execute concepts across a variety of media (video production, webinar presentations, digital, print, events/meetings, etc).
  • Provide quarterly evaluations to key stakeholders, including the Chief Development Officer, Chief Executive Officer, Executive Leadership Team and Senior Regional Leadership Team.
  • Refine Reach Out and Read's current marketing and communications collateral to enhance the Reach Out and Read brand.
5. Social Media
  • Manage Reach Out and Read social communities to grow the size and increase engagement.
  •  Create original digital content to be shared via social media.
  • Monitor social media sites and measure results via analytics. Use these analytics as a tool to increase and enhance social media presence.
Knowledge, Skills and Experience:

▪ Outstanding written and oral communication skills
▪ Proven generator of creative ideas
▪ Strong website management skills; understanding of Google Analytics, Google AdWords and similar platforms to measure and report on marketing insights and results
▪ Understanding of the current marketplace to forecast future trends and challenges
▪ Robust experience working with digital media and platforms, including key social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linked In. Successful track record executing social media campaigns
▪ Proficiency in MailChimp, Microsoft Office and Adobe Suite
▪ Graphic design skills
▪ Strong story-telling ability, a sense of humor and entrepreneurial spirit
▪ Ability to work efficiently in a fast paced-environment and meet deadlines
▪ Proven ability to work collaboratively across departments and to work with vendors and consultants effectively
▪ Flexibility and success in rapidly changing environments
▪ A polished, professional demeanor and presentation at all times
▪ Strong commitment to Reach Out and Read's mission
▪ B.S. or B.A. required
▪ A minimum of 6+ years marketing/communications experience
Location Flexible

To Apply:
Please email your resume and a cover letter to by Friday, September 15th. If your application is selected, please be prepared to submit portfolio materials.


Contact Reach Out and Read
Reach Out and Read National Center
89 South St, Suite 201
Boston, MA 02111