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A look inside Reach Out and Read.

Reach Out and Read is a national non-profit organization represented in every US State and D.C. Our model is delivered by doctors and nurse practitioners at routine pediatric checkups. This:

  • Gives Reach Out and Read the greatest reach of all early literacy programs to children in the zero through five year age range
  • Makes our program cost-effective - at $100 for a child for the full five year program
  • Allows for scalability with the capacity to reach all children that attend well-child checkups - 91% of all children under the age of six

Our national network comprises a National Center, 42 regional or statewide affiliates, and more than 6,200 program sites. Below is a heat map showing the many locations of Reach Out and Read program sites across the U.S.. Please click here to find a Reach Out and Read program site near you.

Reach Out and Read Map 2016

Reach Out and Read National Center (Boston, MA)

The Reach Out and Read National Center oversees the implementation and execution of the Reach Out and Read model nationwide. The National Center:

  • Develops the official training curriculum
  • Coordinates all research and quality improvement initiatives 
  • Builds national partnerships with corporations, foundations, and other literacy and children's organizations
  • Provides broad medical leadership for the entire organization 
  • Creates standardized literacy and marketing materials
  • Facilitates the sharing of best practices 
  • Works directly with publishers to secure significant discounts on children's books
  • Develops national fundraising strategies
  • Leads all federal advocacy campaigns

Learn about the National Center Leadership.

Reach Out and Read Affiliates

Reach Out and Read affiliates are statewide and regional offices that work directly with Reach Out and Read program sites to ensure effective implementation of the model, provide technical assistance, and oversee program expansion, community outreach, fundraising, public relations, and advocacy in their geographic area. Affiliates are led by a Director and Medical Director. 

Of the 28 Reach Out and Read Affiliates,

  • Eleven are integrated into the Reach Out and Read, Inc nonprofit (501(c)(3)) organization and are given the special designation "Reach Out and Read regions." (Please note that our annual report and financial reports only include information from these affiliates.)
  • Five are independently registered nonprofit (501(c)(3)) organizations
  • Five are housed within the local chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics
  • Seven are part of a local health system, university or state agency

View the list of Reach Out and Read Affiliates

Reach Out and Read Program Sites

Reach Out and Read program sites are healthcare facilities that provide pediatric primary care (hospital, health center, clinic, pediatric practice, or family practice) and implement the Reach Out and Read model. Doctors, nurse practitioners, and medical staff at Reach Out and Read program sites are trained in the Reach Out and Read model and volunteer their time to promote early literacy and school readiness.

Programs report regularly on their progress to the National Center and to their region or coalition leader, if applicable. Program sites also work closely with the National Center and their respective coalition/program to raise awareness about Reach Out and Read, advocacy, and fundraising. Typically a volunteer Site Coordinator and Medical Director oversee the program site's Reach Out and Read activities.

Contact Reach Out and Read
Reach Out and Read National Center
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