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When delivered with fidelity, providers find Reach Out and Read to be a useful, efficient intervention that streamlines their clinical practices and improves well-child visit attendance. Increased well-child visit attendance and increased developmental assessment improves the early detection, referral, and treatment of developmental delay in young children. Increased compliance with well-child visit attendance is of […]
Bipartisan CLIMB Act introduced to permanently authorize Reach Out and Read on military installations and at military treatment facilities.
Clearinghouse for Early Childhood Success
Reach Out and Read Oklahoma joined a network of early childhood innovators across Oklahoma with its inclusion in The Oklahoma Clearinghouse for Early Childhood Success. The Clearinghouse announced its decision in late May. “We are proud to be included as a research-based intervention that addresses both literacy and social-emotional development for children ages five and […]
Three Reach Out and Read alumni were recognized as district winners in the Young Georgia Author Contest.  The purpose of the writing competition sponsored by the Georgia Language Arts Supervisors and the Georgia Department of Education, is to encourage students to develop an enthusiasm for and expertise in their writing and to recognize student achievement in […]
In 2020, due to more than two years of non-reporting and a lack of book funds for well-child checkups, UNHS-Montezuma Creek Clinic, UNHS-Blanding Family Practice, and UNHS-Monument Valley were deactivated as Reach Out and Read sites. However, with a new partnership from Mankind Is My Business (MIMB), we have reactivated and reinvigorated our pediatric-early literacy […]
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