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Dr Gambhri's bedtime routine

More than a Bedtime Routine

November 12, 2020
I love the idea of passing on traditions to my children. However, as a pediatric resident in a vigorous program, with two rambunctious kids under four and a dog in the midst of a mid-life crisis, who’s also trying to be a present wife, daughter, sister, friend, and colleague, I’ll be the first to admit […]
Dr. Iyabo Webzell
My passion for reading was nurtured early in life by my parents, who had a gift for storytelling. This love of learning that I grew up with drives me to provide the same for my patients at Milestone Pediatrics in Atlanta, GA through the Reach out and Read Program.  In October 2015, my dad passed […]
A Good Time to Be Born
Join National Medical Director Dr. Perri Klass in a conversation about science, public health, and the fight against child mortality that transformed parenting, doctoring, and the way we live. Dr. Klass will be joined by Dr. Eileen Costello for a rich conversation on the findings in Klass’s recently published book, A Good Time to Be […]
Ruby Finds a Worry
Reach Out and Read and Scholastic are proud to announce this year’s Judy Newman Book Award will be Ruby Finds a Worry by Tom Percival. The annual award highlights one book that resonates with families and encourages them to read-aloud together. This reassuring story about what to do when a worry won’t leave you alone provides a platform to […]
We are here for you
Doctor Lydia Kim at Northern Navajo Medical Center in Shiprock, New Mexico says COVID-19 hit Navajo Nation hard and fast, but that while the news stories focused on death and devastation, what she hopes to take from the pandemic is the creativity, resilience, and strength of the Navajo community. Dr. Kim gives the example of […]
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