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2021 leadership conference
Our virtual gathering of clinicians, early childhood experts, and Reach Out and Read leadership provided a venue to share the power of Reach Out and Read to give every child a strong foundation through meaningful child-parent interactions and a love of reading and books. Our group especially enjoyed welcoming Judith Palfrey, MD, T. Berry Brazelton Professor of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School […]
At Reach Out and Read, we envision a world where all parents have daily, positive, meaningful, language-rich interactions with their child, a world where every child is read to every day as close, loving relationships support a child’s ability to thrive.  With the shared belief of nurturing young children’s hearts and minds, we are pleased […]
Reach Out and Read (ROR) is thrilled to build upon our existing partnership with Intermountain Healthcare in Utah, as part of Healthy Kids, a comprehensive multi-faceted initiative to help create and sustain healthy and safe communities for children. Intermountain Healthcare and Intermountain Primary Children’s Hospital are leading a cross-sector partnership of evidence-based programs that help […]

Gaming for Good

March 11, 2021
“When people think of Dungeons & Dragons, they think of a bunch of dudes in their mom’s basement,” Satine Phoenix, “The Queen of D&D,” says in a piece for Time. “Once a year or so I run a Celebrity Charity Dungeons & Dragons [CCD20] game where various actors and other celebrities play D&D and raise […]
The pandemic has changed just about every aspect of our lives, especially learning. Access to education is an increasing concern not just for adults of small children, but for activist teenagers that care deeply about the effects the pandemic is having on girls and education. Reach Out and Read is proud to partner with Educate […]
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