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(Dallas Voice) While Reach Out and Read has been helping families for the past 35 years, Marty Martinez became CEO only two years ago. He comes from a public health background, focusing on improving lives at the level of community. The importance of diverse books hits close to home for Martinez, since his son is […]
(Muskogee Phoenix) Reach Out and Read, a nonprofit that gives young children a foundation for success by incorporating books and guidance about shared reading into pediatric care, significantly increased the impact of its mission this fiscal year. With a commitment to nurturing young minds and strengthening early relationships, Reach Out and Read served an additional […]
(Business News This Week) A generous grant will allow national nonprofit Reach Out and Read to distribute tens of thousands of children’s books to medical clinics on tribal and native sites for an entire year. Nearly doubling past efforts, Indian Health Service (IHS) has awarded Reach Out and Read $200,000 to purchase more than 31,000 […]
( Reading and interactive learning can have a profound impact on a child’s brain development. Dr. Mariana Glusman, an attending physician in Advanced General Pediatrics and Primary Care at Lurie Children’s, shares how parents can nurture their children’s cognitive, emotional and social development through meaningful, engaging interactions at home. As a passionate advocate for Reach Out and […]
( We know that bedtime reading can be an enjoyable, cozy experience. That’s why many of us have made it a staple of our bedtime routine. But what you might not realize is that it’s not just a nice way to bond and create memories. Reading to your kids has many tangible benefits. It promotes literacy, healthy […]
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