Welcome to Reach Out and Read’s new strategic plan

Welcome to Reach Out and Read’s new strategic plan, a roadmap for dramatic expansion across the next three years — specifically, to serve 10 million children by 2030 — and a demonstration of our continued commitment to nurturing the relationships that enable every child to learn and thrive.

A diverse group of stakeholders came together to craft the plan, which outlines the ways in which we will increase our support of young children and families nationwide.

Central to our strategy are seven ambitious goals, designed to drive transformational growth while maintaining the quality of and fidelity to our evidence-backed model. From expanding our reach, ensuring sustainable funding, and centering DEI to increasing visibility, strengthening infrastructure, and fostering organizational connections, we are ready to significantly broaden our impact. We want to establish Reach Out and Read as an essential component of pediatric care.

Our updated vision, mission, and values provide a framework for this vital work. You’ll find more about each — as well as our goals and the strategies by which we’ll achieve them — below.

We aim to create a world where every family uses shared reading to build the bonds needed for their children’s health and future. We invite you to join us on this revolutionary journey, working together to change the lives of children, families, and communities.

New Vision
A world where every child has the relationships essential to learn and thrive.

New Mission
Strengthen all families with young children through guidance from medical clinicians about nurturing relationships through
shared reading.


Strategic Goals

— Growth With Quality: Reach 50 percent of all children 5 and under by 2030 with a focus on under-resourced communities.

— Funding: Achieve long-term, sustainable, and diverse funding to support the model and the organization for growth.

— DEI: Ensure the model is accessible and effective for all children and families and that diversity, equity, and inclusion are centered throughout the organization.

— Infrastructure: Evaluate and strengthen infrastructure to swiftly address challenges and build for growth and stability.

— Brand Visibility: Increase awareness of Reach Out and Read’s identity, value proposition, and impact among policymakers, funders, health systems, thought leaders, and the public.

— Population-Level Delivery: Establish Reach Out and Read as a critical, core component of pediatric well-child care for every child.

— Centering Community: Connect Reach Out and Read model and organization with other family-serving programs, organizations, and systems to advance stronger holistic support and outcomes.

Review the entire plan, including strategies for each goal, below.


New values
Evidence-Based Decision Making
Making decisions grounded in systematic analysis of credible evidence, data, and research, ensuring excellence through continuous improvement and innovation in high-quality programs and practices.
Upholding honesty and transparency consistently, while being responsible for actions.
Nurturing relationships through collaboration, mutual respect, inclusiveness, and an appreciation for diversity internally and with our community.
Inclusive Collaboration
Valuing and integrating diverse voices, skills, and perspectives, fostering mutual respect, trust, and shared goals.
Social Justice
Promoting equity and disrupting historical inequities through diversity in representation, inclusivity, and resource prioritization.
Transformational Change
Driving a bold, courageous, and profound shift in systems, leading to expansive impact for children and families, and redefining the status quo through our role as a change agent.