Time to Thrive

Integrating reading aloud into pediatric care.

We are inspired to see our model adapted to the settings of our time. Many thanks to our supporters for allowing this and countless other such interactions to continue across the country.

parent resources during COVID 19
Support for Parents During COVID 19

We believe that the Reach Out and Read mission is as powerful and important as ever during these challenging times and our medical professionals will continue to provide books and encourage reading aloud at every checkup. Our community remains committed to supporting families with young children and we have put together a complete parent resource guide with free resources in response to the coronavirus.

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brain graphic
of a child’s brain is formed between birth and age 3
Shaping Brighter Futures

It’s vital that children benefit from reading and other language-rich experiences starting at birth. Reading together furthers language acquisition, promotes brain development, and provides an opportunity for families to build powerful, lasting bonds.

Nurturing Young Minds

Our network of pediatric clinicians provides families with the understanding and tools they need to make reading and storytelling part of their daily routines.

Share the Joy of Reading Aloud

You can make a difference in a child’s life.

We reach 1 in 4 children
from low-income families
The Next Chapter

Reach Out and Read is changing pediatric healthcare.

We are the only national pediatric literacy model endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics.
We’re All Over the Map
Reach Out and Read has a national presence—and we’re still growing.
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