Welcome to 35 for 35!

Meet the books, the authors, and the illustrators included in 35 for 35, a collection celebrating the millions of families transformed across the 35-year journey of Reach Out and Read — and the millions more we will soon reach.

Together, Reach Out and Read and Scholastic curated this collection to embrace inclusive stories about the families, communities, and cultures we serve, creating moments that matter and laying the foundation for literacy. We printed 10,000 new copies of each of these 35 books, led by acclaimed and emerging contemporary authors. We hope you’re as excited about it as we are!

35 for 35 collection

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Looking for books to share with your young children? This dynamic collection features titles that highlight the journey and joy of reading, learning, development, connections, and family, starting at birth.

In one book, your family might see themselves mirrored in a story. In another, you’ll find an open window into the lives of others. Through all 35, your family can experience the joys of reading, learning, and building early relationships.

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