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(Publishers Weekly) Families in underserved communities paying a visit to the doctor will soon find something special for them in the waiting room. Thanks to a joint effort between Reach Out and Read and Scholastic, 350,000 copies of a curated 35-book collection will be distributed to medical clinics nationwide, providing greater opportunities for parents to […]
(9 NEWS) This week’s micro-giving campaign supports Reach Out and Read. The nonprofit helps train pediatricians to talk to parents about the importance of reading. Watch the video at 9 NEWS here. (Video credit: 9 NEWS)
(Minnesota Family Physician) Literacy is a social factor that influences health and health outcomes across the lifespan. Efforts to promote and improve early literacy can reduce health disparities; support cognitive development, language acquisition and academic success; improve emotional regulation; and more. For family physicians and other primary care clinicians, routine well-child checks provide an opportunity […]
(Childcare, WTF?) Why TF is reading to children so important? And what is the point of reading to a baby that doesn’t know what I’m saying? WTF is the difference between me reading to my kid, or my kid listening to a book on a tablet? We had the extreme pleasure and privilege of speaking […]
As we transition into the vibrant season of spring, we’re excited to reflect on the impactful work our organization has undertaken to support Georgia’s children. Throughout March, Reach Out and Read Georgia was abuzz with activities around National Reading Month, legislative advocacy, collaborative meetings, strategic planning sessions, site visits, progress report submissions, and more! The […]
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