Moments that Matter – One grandparent’s story

Grandparents can play a unique and significant role in nurturing the health and wellbeing of a child. A grandparent provides unconditional love and connection that is often nurtured in the same way the grandparent built the relationship with their own son or daughter – through treasured moments spent reading together. The simple act of reading aloud together helps create a lasting emotional connection, stimulates a child’s cognitive development, and lays the groundwork for a lifelong love of reading and learning. These precious moments become cherished memories—but their impact on a child’s future is far more important.

“These everyday moments matter in building a child’s strong heart and mind.”

One of our favorite grandparents shared some advice on strengthening these bonds. Author of noted grandparent blog, More Than Grand, Ms. DeeDee Moore (or just DeeDee to her grandkids), notes that during this time when many of us are physically separated from our families, we can still share special reading time virtually. Ms. Moore shares how she chooses a few books with a common element and invites her four-year-old granddaughter to guess the theme. In addition, there are so many creative options to expand the connection using related interactive activities and even character costumes. “When we read with our young ones, we help grow their curiosity and memory. Stories transport them to places and times they have never experienced, enhancing their understanding of the world. By engaging our grandchildren through reading, we spark their curiosity and learn more about each other, and along the way, we are deepening the bonds we have with them. Reading is a powerful way to connect.”

These everyday moments matter in building a child’s strong heart and mind. For additional grandparent tips, advice and ways to connect visit