Unwrapping the Benefits of Reading: How books make the perfect gift for kids

(Atrium Health)

The season of giving is upon us. While toys and technology might be at the top of many wish lists, books are a timeless gift that continue to stand out. In a screen-filled world, the power of reading remains unmatched. Bridgette Oreheka certified pediatric nurse practitioner at Atrium Health Levine Children’s Rock Hill Pediatrics, says she always recommends books and magazines as gifts for children.

“Gifts of books show children that reading is important, as well as fun,” Orehek says. “Through reading, a safe area is created where the child can be open to exploring stories, words, textures and sounds at all stages through their lifespan.”

Reading ignites imagination and fosters a love for learningBooks envelop children in the wonderful world of words – transporting them to another place simply by encouraging them to use their own imaginations. 

“Reading gives children somewhere to get lost, which is especially great for those experiencing anxiety,” Orehek says. “It is an amazing coping technique.”

Reach Out and Read is a national nonprofit that champions the positive effects of reading daily and engaging in other language-rich activities with young children. The organization says reading to children helps grow their curiosity and memory and enhances their understanding of the world by exposing them to new people and places. Additional positive effects of reading include better recognition of sounds and letters, a broader vocabulary, increased listening skills and a deeper understanding of how stories work.

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