Local child literacy program receives $38K gift


Reach Out and Read Michigan joined nine other state affiliates of the nationwide program in splitting up an $8 million grant Scott donated last year. The Michigan branch will take in $38,500 to be used among its 164 clinics in the state.

“I’m just thrilled because you can hear you’re getting those funds, and you can immediately think about kids and families and the impact that it will make for them,” Angie DeLost, the affiliate leader for Reach Out and Read Michigan, said.

The nonprofit, which is focused on early literacy and relational health for children, plans to use the funds to continue building the infrastructure here in Michigan and allowing the current clinics to continue helping families across the state.

“We have a vision that every child in Michigan, in the future, will have access to this program and that parents will be able to understand the power they have in reading to their children,” DeLost said.

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(Image credit: WOOD)