Mirrors & Windows Initiative Ready to Launch

Reach Out and Read Wisconsin is excited to announce the launch of its Mirrors & Windows initiative in April. The goal with this initiative is to ensure that every child has access to books that reflect the rich tapestry of experiences and identities that represent the families across the state.

During clinic visits that occur over the course of the next year, Reach Out and Read Wisconsin will provide book bundles to clinics. These bundles have been carefully curated to include a diverse selection of stories featuring characters from various backgrounds, cultures, abilities, and identities to assist the clinic in their own future book ordering.

Reach Out and Read Wisconsin’s partnership in creating these bundles with Interstate Books4School and All About Books ensures that the titles are not only inclusive but also of high quality.

“My family and our business believe that all children deserve to see themselves in a book, be able to read in whatever language they need, and most importantly all children need to be able to afford these books,” said Molly Fields of Books4School. “Books4School is committed to ensuring that this is possible. We can provide the tools, but the clinics make the magic. It is an honor to work with Reach Out And Read and help bring diverse books to the world one child at a time.”

In addition, Reach Out and Read Wisconsin will be offering a scholarship opportunity this summer to assist in making purchasing these books more accessible.

Reach Out and Read Wisconsin will also provide resources such as posters for clinics and magnets for families to share the message of ‘mirrors’ and ‘windows’ in children’s literature.

“Mirrors reflect a child’s own identity and experiences, allowing them to see themselves represented in the stories they read,” said Amber Bloom, senior program manager. “Windows, on the other hand, offer a glimpse into the lives of others, fostering empathy and understanding of different perspectives.”

Through these resources, Reach Out and Read Wisconsin aims to encourage clinicians to share with families the significance of diverse representation as they build their home libraries. By highlighting the importance of mirrors and windows, ROR WI hopes to empower parents and caregivers to actively seek out books like these for their children and create an environment where every child feels seen, valued, and understood. 

“We’re incredibly excited to provide these resources to our clinics and work together to ensure every child can find themselves reflected in the pages of a book,” said Bloom.