Early Literacy Research Library (ELRL) – About

About ELRL

The Early Literacy Research Library (ELRL) is a repository of research and resources developed to support clinicians, investigators, policy makers, and other advocates involved in the integration of early literacy strategies into pediatric primary care to facilitate early relational health and early childhood development.

Research articles included in the ELRL include a variety of study design and publication types related to the following core topics:

• Reach Out & Read (ROR)
• Early Literacy
• Early Relational Health
• Shared Reading
• Pediatric Primary Care

Using the ELRL

Article Search Tags may be applied to narrow your ELRL searches based on core topic, study design, population characteristics, exposures, outcomes, and metrics. Additional information about metrics and measures referenced by ELRL articles can be found on the Library Metrics page. Articles linked with additional materials contributed by authors (ie. infographics, slide decks, and secondary media articles) are noted by “★”.

Development of the ELRL

A systematic review of the literature was conducted around the terms ‘Reach Out and Read’, ‘shared reading’, ‘early literacy’, and ‘early relational health’. Exclusion criteria included: articles written in languages other than English, articles greater than 5 years old (except for those directly studying ROR as an intervention), and non-peer reviewed articles. Article objectives, exposures, outcomes, settings, samples, metrics, results, conclusions, limitations, and citations were summarized to populate reference pages for each repository article. Search tags were assigned based on commonly occurring themes. Frequently referenced metrics and tools were obtained and linked when available. Primary authors were contacted for supplemental materials when available. Search alerts were configured for prospective review and continue to be screened for inclusion.

In the News

The ELRL will be featured in a poster presentation at the Pediatric Academic Societies 2023 Meeting in Washington DC during General Pediatrics Session 5 (Sunday April 30, 2023, 3:30-6:00 PM): “Development of a Web Based Repository of Research and Resources Around Early Literacy and Early Relational HealthMiller N, Medagam R, Shearman N, Sands D, Erkoboni D.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the relationship between the ELRL and Reach Out and Read (ROR)?

The ELRL was developed and supported by ROR and gathers research relevant to the ROR evidence-based model. However, the ELRL also includes research around broader themes of early literacy, early relational health, and shared reading. The ELRL is thus intended to benefit both those directly affiliated with ROR and those who work around early literacy, more broadly.

How can I suggest a research article for inclusion in the ELRL?

To suggest a research article for inclusion in the library, please use the ELRL Submission Form to provide information about yourself and about the article you have chosen to submit: Early Literacy Research Library Submission Form (chop.edu). Submissions are reviewed by ELRL staff and submitters will be notified via email of article inclusion status within (insert timeframe)

How can I share feedback about the ELRL (ie questions, comments, concerns)?

We value your feedback on the acceptability, quality, user experience, and efficacy of the Early Literacy Research Library (ELRL). Please use the ELRL Feedback form to share comments, questions, and concerns with us: Early Literacy Research Library Feedback Form (chop.edu).

How can I suggest edits be made to information currently displayed on the ELRL?

We appreciate your contribution to improving the quality and accuracy of information provided by the ELRL. Please use the ELRL Feedback Form (Early Literacy Research Library Feedback Form (chop.edu) to suggest any changes you believe ought to be made to information currently provided by the ELRL. 

Why are some articles tagged with “★”?

Articles linked with additional materials contributed by authors (ie. infographics, slide decks, and secondary media articles) are noted by “★”. These materials are available for download and are intended to aid ELRL users in better understanding and employing the article’s primary research findings.

Why aren’t all ELRL articles available for download?

Only articles available for FREE and/or Open Access are available for download through the ELRL. Those accessible through Purchase and/or Institutional Access are NOT available for download directly through the ELRL. However, links are provided through the ELRL to journals where these full texts may be accessed. 

What information was used to populate article reference pages? Why is some information missing?

Most information displayed on article reference pages was extracted directly from the article’s publicly available abstract. If not provided in the article’s abstract:

  1. Additional information was occasionally extracted from the article’s full text (applicable to articles available for FREE and/or Open Access).
  2. Additional information was occasionally excluded (applicable to articles available through Purchase and/or Institutional Access).