Reach Out and Read New Jersey
Reach Out and Read New Jersey
Reach Out and Read New Jersey serves babies, toddlers and preschoolers growing up in low-income communities in more than 100 health clinics throughout the state.

Investing in Impact

With 102 program sites at hospitals, clinics and doctor’s offices across New Jersey, we provide nearly 75,000 children and their families with free books and resources that promote early childhood literacy.

Our evidence-based model is backed by a large and growing body of academic research. We utilize the existing medical infrastructure, to encourage supportive, educational conversations with parents on the importance of reading aloud and the impact on children’s brain development.

Our Program
Reach Out and Read New Jersey gives young children a foundation for success by incorporating books into pediatric care and encouraging families to read aloud together.
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35% of children under the age of 6 in New Jersey live in low income families.
Reach Out and Read helps close the achievement gap for underserved babies, toddlers and preschoolers.
Teen Tops 10,000 Books

At the young age of 15, Charlotte Olson recently completed her fourth book drive for Reach Out and Read and to date has collected more than 10,000 new and gently used books. Thousands of children in Camden, New Jersey now have books in their homes because of Charlotte, proving that, with effort and compassion, one person can make a difference in the lives of others.

Charlotte’s commitment to helping others took root a few years ago when she and her family visited Haiti. Experiencing poverty and global inequality affected Charlotte greatly and she soon realized there were many children in the United States – not far from where she lived in New Jersey – who were growing up in low-income homes, and she wanted to help. She learned that many of these children had few or no books of their own. Because books had always been such an important part of her own childhood, this motivated Charlotte to organize her first book drive. She quickly learned that the book drive could have a positive impact on many children, and in 2017 she collected her first 1,000 books for Reach Out and Read.

The Power of Partnerships

Reach Out and Read is supported by hundreds of trusted doctors, residents, and medical providers across New Jersey who give their time, talents, and expertise to help prepare children living in low income communities for success in school and in life.

In addition to our medical community, we are extremely grateful for the committed community partners, foundations, corporations, and individuals that help us reach more children each year.

Get Involved

Reach Out and Read New Jersey is made up of dedicated and generous supporters and volunteers. We hope you will join us in making reading a priority for the children of New Jersey—whether by donating to the organization, volunteering or by starting a site at your own clinical practice, your contribution makes a difference.

New Jersey Family Early Literacy Resources

Longtime volunteer and reader at Reach Out and Read New Jersey, Brock Haussamen participates in our #ReadTogether project to promote shared reading among families!

We want to hear from you!

New Jersey’s Executive Director, Kim Byam, provides local leadership for all aspects of our program. Our Program Director, Alyssa Brunstein, works closely with all our medical providers and clinics throughout the state to ensure fidelity to the model.

New Jersey has two Medical Directors, Usha Ramachandran MD, FAAP and Mohammed Hussain MD, FAAP, who provide further direction and advocate for our families and for early literacy messaging being part of our existing healthcare infrastructure.

Kim Byam, Executive Director
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Alyssa Brunstein, Program Director
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