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Discussion on the Parents Roles in Early Years Children Literacy Education

Xu, Jianing. (2022) Discussion on the Parents Roles in Early Years Children Literacy Education. Advances in Social Science, Education, and Humanities Research, 670, 30-33. ,

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Publication year


study description

Literature survey.

core topic(s)

Early Literacy

Population Characteristics

International , Kindergarten , Toddler/Preschool

Exposures, Outcomes, Other

Disparity/Adversity , Parent-Child Relationships/Interactions , School Readiness and Educational Outcomes


The aim of the study was to give parents a better understanding of their role and to reduce the burden on kindergarten educators by providing basic preparation for their children before kindergarten.


Early literacy education.

outcomes evaluated

Parent roles and challenges.


This study takes the form of a literature survey, combined with the researcher own experience in Hungarian and China and as a Hungarian language learner, to analyse how literacy education in different countries has its difficulties and what role parents should play in it.




Results Reported: 1) The role of parents in the selection of books; 2) The role of parents in accompanying reading: Why parents need to read English texts with their children, why parents need to read Hungarian texts with their children, and why parents need to read Chinese texts with their children; 3) The role of parents in developing an interest in reading; 4) The role of parents in developing reading habits.


The research shows that parents do play a very important role in the early literacy education of children and have a great influence on their children's interest in reading and the direction of their reading choices.


It is true that difficulties in the process of the study, as there was not very much data, but in the future, the researcher is willing to do more data surveys to analyse the problems in different countries.