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Early Literacy Promotion in the Digital Age

Navsaria, D., Sanders, L.M. (2015) Early Literacy Promotion in the Digital Age. Pediatric Clinics of North America, 62(5), 1273-1295.,

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core topic(s)

Early Literacy , Reach Out and Read (ROR)

Exposures, Outcomes, Other

Child Development (general) , School Readiness and Educational Outcomes , Technology and Digital/Screen-Based Media


To discuss literacy promotion in the digital age.


Digital media during early childhood.

outcomes evaluated

Early literacy promotion.


Topics Discussed: Early literacy as a social determinant of health; Digital media exposure during early childhood; Parents and adult caregivers as gatekeepers to emergent literacy; Early literacy promotion as standard pediatric care [ABCs of ROR; Principles of Book Selection; Considerations on Digital Media]; Beyond ROR; A prescription for innovative pediatric primary care.




School readiness and educational success is strongly determined by early exposure to print and socioeconomic milieu. Early literacy promotion is a key avenue for clinicians to positively influence child development, parenting interactions, and intentional skill building in both child and caregiver. Quality children’s literature, dialogic reading, and careful support of nurturing relationships in a child’s environment are key elements to success. Digital media remains an increasingly popular yet not-well-researched exposure starting at younger and younger ages, with a lack of consensus as to how best to advise parents.


A new generation of pediatric providers and child-health systems are necessary to meet the health and developmental needs of all children, starting in early childhood.


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