FY23 Annual Report: Millions of Moments That Matter

We could tell you millions of stories about FY23. Reach Out and Read clinicians had 8.8 million in-person interactions with and gave 7.1 million books to young children and their families. Those families are diverse — and the books they received are, too. To better serve them and our staff, we’re working to center equity, create a culture of inclusivity, and promote diversity in all ways.

With the help of major gifts, we’ve launched new initiatives, founded new partnerships, moved into new geographies, and even published our first book.

Read these stories — and more — below in our FY23 Annual Report. You’ll see and hear from parents, caregivers, clinicians, and partners how shared reading is an important step in building a world where every child has the relationships essential to thrive.

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Reach Out and Read served 4.4 million young children, more than 171,000 more kids than in FY22.
We gave 7.1 million books to children, an increase of nearly 550,000 over FY22.
Reach Out and Read has grown its network to 36,000 clinicians, an addition of nearly 3,000 trained professionals.