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Baley Scales of Infant and Toddler Development (BSID)


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evaluation focus

Child Development (Cognitive, Language, Motor, Social-Emotional, Adaptive Behavior)

applicable ages

0-42 months; 0-3 years

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BSID – Summary


The Bayley Scales of Infant and Toddler Development – Third Edition (BISD) is an instrument that can be used to measure a child’s developmental progress and identify developmental delays. It may also aid in teaching parents about their child’s development and planning appropriate interventions.


5 Developmental Subtest/Scales:

    • Cognitive
    • Language (Receptive and Expressive)
    • Motor (Fine and Gross)
    • Social-Emotional
    • Adaptive Behavior (Conceptual, Social, and Practical)

Each subtest/scale involves a series of tasks for the child to complete, ranging from basic (ie tracking an interesting object with their eyes) to complex (ie finding hidden objects).


The Adaptive Behavior scale was adapted from the Parent/Primary Caregiver form of the Adaptive Behavior Assessment System – Second Edition (ABAS-II; Harrison & Oakland, 2003).


Test Observations Measure (additional resource for intervention planning):

    • Growth scores
    • Index scores (standard scores)
    • Subtest scaled scores
    • Percentiles

Administration Format: child-examiner interaction and observation in a series of tasks

Available for Purchase: https://pearsonclinical.in/solutions/bayley-iii/

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