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Downs and Black Checklist (DBC)


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Critical Appraisal of Research Study Methodologies.

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The Downs and Black Checklist (DBC) is an instrument that can be used to critically appraise the quality of quantitative research study methodology. This tool may be useful to healthcare providers, policy-makers, and more.


5 Sections Assessed:

    • Study quality
    • External validity
    • Study bias
    • Confounding and selection bias
    • Power of the study

Scores Available:

    • Overall Score
    • Individual Section Scores

Administration Format: checklist of 27 Y/N questions


Reliability (Downs 1998):

    • Internal Consistency:
        • Quality Index: high (0.89) for randomized and non-randomized studies
        • Subscales: adequate for three subscales, poor for one subscale (external validity).
        • Combined Internal/External Validity: high (0.72) for randomized and non-randomized
    • Test-Retest:
        • Quality Index: high (0.88)
        • Subscales: ranged from high (bias) to low (external validity).
    • Interrater:
      • Quality Index: good (0.75)
      • Subscales: ranged from good (bias) to poor (external validity)

Validity (Downs 1998):

    • Criterion Validity: quality index highly correlated (0.90) with SRTG score (RCT) and Global Score
      • RCTs and non-RCTs: 0.89
      • RCTs: 0.88
      • Non-RCTs: 0.86

Source: https://www.nccmt.ca/knowledge-repositories/search/9

supporting literature

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PDF: DBC – 1 – Downs 1998
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