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SharePR Measure of Shared Reading Quality (SharePR)


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Shared Reading Quality

applicable ages

0-9 months

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SharePR is an instrument that can be used to measure the quality of shared reading between infants and caregivers. The measure was developed based on an evidence-based conceptual model called SHARE/STEP. This model outlines behaviors to promote nurturing, interactive, and enjoyable reading with infants, much like dialogic reading with older children. SharePR items are based on behaviors outlined by this SHARE/STEP model.



    • S: Snuggle on the parent/caregiver’s lap
    • H: Let the baby hold and explore the book
    • A: show affection
    • R: respond to what the baby does or says
    • E: enjoy the reading process
    • S: stretch word sounds (ie. Child-directed speech)
    • T: talk about the pictures in the book
    • E: explore word sounds in fun ways
    • P: be patient


    • affection and nurturing
    • multi-sensorial exploration
    • responsiveness
    • joint attention
    • serve-and-return vocalization
    • child-directed speech
    • building parent–child interest

Administration Time: <2 minutes


Reliability and Validity:

    • Internal Consistency: acceptable to good (rCo-α = 0.70, younger; rCo-α = 0.64, older)
    • SharePR scores significantly positively correlated with HLE scores in older children (p<0.05)
        • children’s books in the home (p = 0.01)
        • shared reading minutes/day (p < 0.001)
        • days/week (p = 0.07)
        • shared reading named as a favorite activity (p = 0.04)

Source: Shared reading with infants: SharePR a novel measure of shared reading quality | Pediatric Research (nature.com) (Hutton 2022)

supporting literature

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PDF: SharePR – 1 – Hutton 2022
Link: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41390-022-02178-6

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