Early Literacy Research Library (ELRL) - Profile

Caitlin Canfield, PhD

Contact Email: caitlin.canfield@nyulangone.org


NYU Grossman School of Medicine
New York, NY
Assistant Professor


My research focuses on understanding risk and resilience related to disparities in early child development and school readiness, with two goals: 1) understanding child (e.g., cognitive ability, temperament) and contextual (e.g., parent-child interactions, family stressors, neighborhoods) factors that contribute to early outcomes, and 2) informing design and adaptation of policies and preventive interventions. Expanding knowledge in this area is critical for improving long-term academic achievement, physical health, and mental health of children facing poverty and other challenges.

Research Interests

  • Early Relational Health
  • Shared Reading
  • Libraries and Public Resources
  • School Readiness and Educational Outcomes