Making Memories During a Challenging Time

In these times of uncertainty, Perri Klass’ article in the New York Times, “Getting Through, Making Memories, and Being the Grown-Ups” offers ways to make this defining time in your children’s life about more than the pandemic. Klass states, “Parents have some power here. You can’t change the world, and you can’t change the larger story — but you can help shape the way your children experience this and remember it.”

Children will look back at this event for years to come. So even when stuck indoors all day, it’s essential to make memories whether through creating goofy family rituals or starting a family diary. Ultimately, experiment with family routines and patterns because your children will remember.

In addition, the article provides resources for parents from The American Academy of Pediatrics and Reach Out and Read. While Klass highlights the importance of media in keeping people and families connected, she also stresses necessary, healthy breaks from screens. Klass suggests reading aloud, playing board games, and other ways to let creativity run freely.

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