CEO, Brian Gallagher Discusses Reach Out and Read’s Commitment During Challenging Times

Brian Gallagher, CEO of Reach Out and Read, discusses the organization’s mission and initiatives with Kristina MacBury on the national podcast, Education Excellence. Gallagher describes the importance of the Reach Out and Read model when he states, “books open the world to children, new ideas, new pictures, new words, all the things we need for early literacy and future success.“

Reach Out and Read is committed to developing young children’s literacy skills, promoting healthy brain development, and leveling the playing field by preparing every child for formal education.

In the thrust of COVID-19, a book can never solve all the world’s problems however, Gallagher highlights how books and reading aloud do offer an opportunity to nourish the mind and the strong bond between caregiver and child. Reach Out and Read’s message and mission are more relevant than ever because in these challenging times…

“the most important thing we can do is provide stability and a sense of security to our children,” says Gallagher.

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