2020 National Day of Service: West Monroe Supports Reach Out and Read

From families to companies, Reach Out and Read’s mission is valued and supported by many. The consulting firm, West Monroe selected Reach Out and Read for its 2020 National Service Day aligning with our mutual core value of social responsibility. The organization’s diverse population, from mothers, fathers, and pet parents alike, found participating in our #ReadTogether project to be a fun and rewarding way to support communities in a family-friendly way while also encouraging employees to pick up their favorite books from childhood and embrace nostalgia and community service!

West Monroe values the opportunity to come together with their colleagues across the country to give back to the organizations, like Reach Out and Read, that do so much within our local communities. The team at West Monroe enthusiastically participated in our virtual project because the organization feels strongly connected to Reach Out and Read’s goal to encourage healthy growth and early literacy by encouraging families to bond and #ReadTogether!

As a parent, West Monroe’s David McGee found the cause especially dear to his heart: “I want to instill a love of reading into my daughter so that throughout life she can use it not only for fun but also to learn and grow as an individual.”

A special thank you to West Monroe for supporting our program.

West Monroe submitted over 50 videos, to visit our #ReadTogether playlist click here.