Bonding with Baby

Bonding is the loving connection that grows between you and your child.

Bonding can begin even before baby is born! After baby is born, it’s having those face-to-face moments like talking, copying sounds and faces baby makes, and smiling back and forth. As they continue to grow, it can be time spent reading, singing, and playing together.


Bonding helps baby’s brain to develop and grow in ways that help them learn better as they get older. A strong bond can also help protect baby from stress happening in the world around them. That protection is important throughout baby’s entire childhood years!


Great question…you’re not alone! Keep talking, smiling, and giving positive attention to your baby until that bond is made. Seek advice from your clinician if you have an ongoing concern.

Have a question about your child’s development or are you looking for some parenting tips or booklists? Check out the resources below.


The Power of Connection

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Healthy Children


Bright by Text



At times, challenges come up in our lives that are tough to talk to our kids about. Sharing stories can help us tackle tough topics like moving, being different, grief or divorce. Please note that Reach Out and Read doesn’t endorse any of these titles and that families should screen them to make sure they are appropriate for their family.


Look Where We Live!

Written by Scot Richie

Five friends travel around their neighborhood learning about the people and places that make up their community and what it means to be a part of one.

Evelyn Del Ray Is Moving Away

Written by Meg Medina

Daniela and her friend, Evelyn, spend one last day playing together before Evelyn moves away. When it’s time for Evelyn to finally leave, they make promises to keep in touch.

Clancy And Millie And The Very Fine House

Written by Libby Gleeson

Clancy experiences challenges when his family moves from an apartment to a house.  Clancy adjusts to the change and finds a new friend.

Hello, New House

Written by Jane Smith

A young girl realizes that even though many things change when you move, not everything does.  Her family is still together.

Goodbye Friend, Hello Friend!

Written by Cori Doerrfeld

This story touches on how when one experience ends, another begins, even when friends move away.  

Healthy Emotionality

If You’re Angry And You Know It!

Written by Cecily Kaiser

Based off of the song, “If You’re Happy And You Know It,” this story provides healthy ways for children to express their angry emotions, such as walking away or stomping your feet.

A Little Spot Of Emotions (Box Set)

Written by Diane Alber

Each book in this set of 8 focuses on a different emotion and how to understand feelings caused by those emotions.


This Beach Is Loud!

Written by Samantha Cotterill

Made for children on the autism spectrum or with sensory sensitivities, a boy and his father explore how to face unexpected sights, sounds or sensations at the beach.

Happy In Our Skin

Written by Fran Manushkin

While focusing on the different shades and colors of our skin, this story also talks about the cool things skin can do.

Family Structure

All We Need

Written by Kathy Wolff

This story shares the importance of appreciating the little things. 

Baby’s First Words

Written by Stella Blackstone, Sunny Scribens

Brief text shares the daily activities of a baby who has two dads and includes words for objects, actions, and sounds. 

Families (We Are Little Feminists)

Little Feminist 2020

A board book picturing different forms of families.

Health and Healing

The Goodbye Cancer Garden

Written by Janna Matthies

After her mom is diagnosed with cancer, Janie suggests nurturing their garden as a way to give hope to everyone that mom will get better.

Hey Black Child

Written by Useni Eugene Perkins

A poetic story designed to empower black children and inspire all to dream big and achieve their goals.

Divorce and Blended Families

I Have Two Homes

Written by Marian de Smet

A reassuring story about what it can be like when your parents split up. 

Emily’s Blue Period

Written by Cathleen Daly

A book that uses art to show a how a child grieves, accepts, and adapts to divorce.

Fred Stays With Me!

Written by Nancy Coffelt

How a pet can give a child a sense of safety and stability while going between her parents’ homes.  A good example of positive problem-solving.

Luna Loves Library Day

Written by Joseph Coelho

For Luna, library day is a day she gets to spend with her father who no longer lives with her and her mom.

Weekend Dad

Written by Naseem Hrab

How things change when parents separate – and the important things that stay the same.

Grief and Loss


Written by Laura Vaccaro Seeger

Illustrating the ways color brings emotion through a story of one special friendship.

Missing Mommy: A Book About Bereavement

Written by Rebecca Cobb

This story touches on the many emotions a grieving child can experience, and positively recognizes how the child is still loved and supported.

Big Cat, Little Cat

Written by Elisha Cooper

A story about a new friendship, loss, and how sometimes you have to move on.

City Dog, Country Frog

Written by Mo Willems

A story about unexpected friendship, loss, and the possibilities when we share the best of ourselves with others.



Written by Emil Sher

A story about a child’s first overnight trip and making time for family even though we get busy.

First Rain

Written by Charlotte Herman

Experience what it feels like to be separated from loved ones as a family moves to Israel.

Just Like a Mama

Written by Alice Faye Duncan

A story about a caregiver’s connection with the little girl she cares for.