“Reach out and Read” survey shows positive impact


Lori Brooks, National Senior Director of External Affairs, speaks to KFOR about the transformative impact coming from a new study on the Reach Out and Read program.

A peer-reviewed study in Academic Pediatrics demonstrates how Reach Out and Read “can make a lifelong impact” on millions of children across the U.S.

The research, which includes more than 100,000 survey responses from clinics in North and South Carolina, shows that parents and caregivers with access to Reach Out and Read are significantly more likely to read with their children every day.

Reach Out and Read works directly with medical providers to offer guidance to parents/caregivers about the importance of reading aloud. Building these language-rich interactions gives young children a foundation for success.

By integrating these experiences into pediatric care and providing books and encouragement to families, Reach Out and Read and our clinicians are transforming pediatric care and giving children of all backgrounds and means a strong start to life.

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