A.D. Henderson Foundation Delivers Evidence-Based Model in Vermont and Florida

Reach Out and Read’s partnership with the A.D. Henderson Foundation began in Vermont in 2020, when we transitioned our work in that state into the high-fidelity program demonstrated seen in our top-performing locations. Soon after, the A.D. Henderson Foundation helped to expand and support Reach Out and Read’s work across Broward County, Florida. This one-year partnership has since transformed into a three-year commitment, and funding currently supports the delivery of our model to children and their families at 45,500 annual well-child visits in Broward County.

 “Without the books we give out in the clinic, our patients would not have books at home,” said a medical provider at the Children’s Diagnostic & Treatment Center in Fort Lauderdale. “Their priorities are food and housing, and their financial situation does not always allow for books. We truly love all the books and appreciate that they are in different languages.”

Even more recently, Reach Out and Read has again partnered with the A.D. Henderson Foundation in Vermont to support our model at Federally Qualified Health Centers.

“Our providers are thrilled with this program,” says a provider at Pediatric CHCRR in Rutland, Vermont. “Children love to receive a new book, which gives the provider an opening for discussion with caregivers. Our Reach Out and Read program provides an educational advantage and promotes learning.”

Our partnership with the A.D. Henderson Foundation is consistently dynamic, strategic, and impactful, and it enables us to deliver our evidence-based model in Vermont and Florida while continually improving the work we do for families with young children nationwide.