Senator Diegnan supports New Jersey’s Reach Out and Read program

Senator Patrick Diegnan learned about New Jersey’s nonprofit Reach Out and Read program during a visit to Edison Health on Monday.

The senator enjoyed the opportunity to read a short picture book to young patients and experienced firsthand the benefits of the program.

Based on the national Reach Out and Read model, the program fosters early literacy anticipatory guidance between health care professionals and income-challenged parents of children from birth to 5 years of age.

As part of a well-child visit at 100 participating health clinics statewide, New Jersey’s Reach Out and Read program provides nearly 75,000 children and their families with free books and resources that promote early childhood literacy.

“This outstanding program provides parents with books to read aloud to their children,” Diegnan said. “This has well-documented benefits that include building a child’s early language and literacy skills. Reading books out loud to your child is also a wonderful way to bond, stimulate their interest in reading, and prepare them for success in school and life.”

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