Ask the Doc | Reach out and Read


The Hult Center for Health Living wants to stress the importance of literacy, starting with children. They are launching a program called “Reach Out and Read,” which provides children in central Illinois with free books. Holly Bill, from the Hult Center for Health Living, stopped by WMBD to talk more about the program.

“The program is an early literacy program for children between the ages of … 0 to 5. And so, what we’re really hoping to do is get more books in the hands of children and families between this age-range because reading is so important. And the way we’re doing that is by working with our Carle Health pediatricians. So, all of the offices now will be giving out books to the children between the ages of 0 and 5 at their well-visits. Typically, children have well-visits between 0 and 5 about 9 times. So, it’s a perfect time for these families to build a little library before they start kindergarten.”

Watch the video and read the story here.

(Image credit: WMBD)