Reach Out and Read Wisconsin starting Mirrors and Windows Project for Diverse book choices for kids


A national nonprofit dedicated to sharing the benefits of reading out loud to children is receiving a generous donation. It will help medical clinics introduce diverse book choices to kids across the country, here in Wisconsin and some in central Wisconsin.

It’s called the Mirrors and Windows project. American author and philanthropist Mackenzie Scott gave a total of $400,000 to Reach Out and Read. Almost $45,000 of that money will be used to establish Mirrors and Windows in our state. DeDe Williams is the Executive Director for Reach Out and Read in Wisconsin. She says each clinic will receive bundles of 10 to 15 diverse books to share with their youngest patients. The goal is for kids to learn about a wide range of people and cultures and see themselves in stories.

“We are going to make sure that every child and every family has a way to begin those conversations, so that when they are school ready, and you’re in these environments, and you’re navigating the world, you’re excited to learn about others. You’re not fearful of someone that may look different than you or sound different than you,” said Williams.

Watch the video and read the full story here.

(Image credit: WSAW-TV)