Reading and building connections with children: WTF? With Dr. Glusman and Cindy Ogrin of Reach out and Read

(Childcare, WTF?)

Why TF is reading to children so important? And what is the point of reading to a baby that doesn’t know what I’m saying? WTF is the difference between me reading to my kid, or my kid listening to a book on a tablet?

We had the extreme pleasure and privilege of speaking with Dr. Mariana Glusman and Cindy Ogrin of Reach out and Read Illinois, about why reading to children of all ages is so important. We learned SO MUCH about HOW to read to kids, what it can do for their lil brains, and how it build relationships with caregivers. 

We also talk about the incredible work of Reach out and Read Illinois, and what they are doing to be sure children are getting books as early as possible.

Listen to the episode here.

(Image credit: Childcare, WTF?)