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Early Relational Health Screen (ERHS)


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Early Relational Health Screening

applicable ages

6-24 months; 0-2 years

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The Early Relational Health Screen (ERHS) is an instrument that can be used to screen, monitor, and promote early relational health in parent-child dyads. This tool involves video-taped sessions of unstructured play including standard toys and for toddlers, standard challenges. Session footage may be evaluated by health professionals and reviewed with caregivers, allowing for targeted discussion and promotion of early relational health.


Areas Assessed:

    • Functional health
    • Emotional health
    • Behavioral health
    • Psychosocial health

Administration Format: video-taped play sessions


Reliability/Validity (Willis 2022): the ERHS is valid, reliable, feasibility, and useful in clinical settings. Additional studies have evaluated adaptations for other settings like home visiting.


Source: https://www.allianceaimh.org/early-relational-health-screen#:~:text=The%20Early%20Relational%20Health%20Screen%20%28ERHS%3B%20Willis%20et,detecting%2C%20monitoring%20and%20promoting%20relational%20health%20across%20settings

supporting literature

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