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Get Ready to Read! (GRTR)


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evaluation focus

Early Literacy Skills

applicable ages

36-60 months; 3-5 years; Grade: Preschool

available language(s)

English and Spanish


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Get Ready to Read! is a screening tool can be used to measure the early literacy skills of children before kindergarten entry. This tool can be used to determine if a child has the early reading and writing skills necessary to enter kindergarten, identify potential areas of concern, and guide caregivers and early educators in targeting these areas of need.


Literacy Skills Assessed:

    • Print Knowledge
    • Linguistic Awareness
    • Emergent Writing


Versions Available:

    • Original Tool: 20Q, age 4, English/Spanish, available for free
    • New Revised Tool: 25Q, ages 3-5, English/Spanish, available for purchase


Administration Format: children point to pictures in a series of questions

Total Time: ~10 minutes


Reliability (Whitehurst, GRTR! Technical Report):

    • Internal Consistency (across 20Q): alpha of 0.78 and split-half reliability of 0.80
    • Mean Correct Answers (across 20Q): 9.14 (SD=4.31)


Validity (Whitehurst, GRTR! Technical Report):


    • DSC total correlation: 0.69
    • PPVT language age correlation: 0.58
    • Letter knowledge correlation: 0.66
    • Phonological awareness correlation: 0.58


Reliability and validity findings above reflect total sample. Data is also available for middle-income sample, Head Start sample, and different ethnic/racial groups.


Available for Purchase:  https://www.pearsonassessments.com/store/usassessments/en/Store/Professional-Assessments/Academic-Learning/Brief/Get-Ready-to-Read%21-Revised/p/100000595.html


Source: https://www.pearsonassessments.com/store/usassessments/en/Store/Professional-Assessments/Academic-Learning/Brief/Get-Ready-to-Read%21-Revised/p/100000595.html

Source: https://www.getreadytoread.org/screening-tools/grtr-screening-tool

supporting literature

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PDF: GRTR – Technical Report
Link: https://www.getreadytoread.org/screening-tools/research-a-reports/background-information-on-the-grtr-screening-tool

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