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Preschool Language Scale (PLS)


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evaluation focus

Emerging Language and Early Literacy Development

applicable ages

0-95 months; 0-7 years

available language(s)

English and Spanish


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The Preschool Language Scale (PLS) is an instrument that can be used to assess developmental language, including skills that range from preverbal, interaction-based, to emerging language, to early literacy. The PLS-5, the most recent version of the PLS, includes new items for letter naming, new items for book handling, and updated school readiness skills.


2 Scales:

    • Auditory Comprehension (AC)
    • Expressive Communication (EC)

Areas Assessed:


    • Attention: (AC)
        • Attention to the Environment
        • Attention to People
    • Play: (AC)
    • Gesture: (AC & EC)
    • Vocal Development: (EC)
    • Social Communication: (EC)
    • Semantics: (AC & EC)
        • Vocabulary
        • Qualitative Concepts
        • Quantitative Concepts
        • Spatial Concepts
        • Time/Sequence Concepts
    • Language Structure: (AC & EC)
        • Morphology
        • Syntax
    • Integrative Language Skills: (AC & EC)
    • Emergent Literacy Skills: (AC & EC)


Skills Identified:

    • Feeding
    • Language
    • Articulation
    • Connected Speech
    • Social/Interpersonal
    • Communication Skills
    • Stuttering
    • Voice


Administration Format: assessment using pictures and manipulatives

Administration Time: 30-60 minutes


Reliability and Validity: (Lyons 2017)

    • Split-Half Reliabilities: 0.80 – 0.97
    • Total Language Score Sensitivity: 0.83
    • Total Language Score Specificity: 0.80


Available for Purchase: https://www.pearsonassessments.com/store/usassessments/en/Store/Professional-Assessments/Speech-%26-Language/Preschool-Language-Scales-%7C-Fifth-Edition/p/100000233.html


Source: https://www.pearsonassessments.com/store/usassessments/en/Store/Professional-Assessments/Speech-%26-Language/Preschool-Language-Scales-%7C-Fifth-Edition/p/100000233.html

supporting literature

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