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Parent Reading Belief Inventory (PRBI)


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Parent Reading Beliefs

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early childhood

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The Parent Reading Belief Inventory (PRBI) is an instrument that can be used to assess parental beliefs about early childhood reading and literacy activities, including frequency, quality, and importance of these activities.


7 Subscales Assessed:

    • Positive affect
    • Verbal participation
    • Resources
    • Teaching efficacy
    • Knowledge base
    • Environmental input
    • Reading instruction

Administration Format: self-report questionnaire completed by caregiver


Reliability (DeBaryshe 1994):

    • Internal Consistency: acceptable (alphas ranged from 0.50-0.85 across scales)
    • Test-Retest: acceptable after short term delay (0.79)

Validity (DeBaryshe 1994):

    • Controlling for parental education and income, scores remained significantly correlated
        • 36 for parents’ book-reading habits
        • 40 for children’s interest in books
        • 30 for children’s exposure to joint book-reading activities
    • Significant partial correlations for scores with the frequency of parental questions (0.65) and responsiveness to children’s speech (0.41) observed during book reading sessions.

Source: https://annenberg.brown.edu/instruments/parent-reading-belief-inventory-prbi

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