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Preschool Self-Regulation Assessment (PSRA)


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evaluation focus

Child Self-Regulation (emotional, attentional, behavioral)

applicable ages

Grade: Preschool

available language(s)

English and Spanish

additional materials

PSRA Toolkit


The Preschool Self-Regulation Assessment (PSRA) is an instrument that can be used to assess several domains of self-regulation skills in young children. PSRA items were adapted for use in field contexts like school settings from previously lab-based tasks.


3 Self-Regulation Domains Assessed:

    • Emotional
    • Attentional
    • Behavioral

Types of Tasks:

    • Delay (4x): assess effortful control
        • toy wrap
        • toy wait
        • snack delay
        • tongue task
    • Executive Control (2x): filtering competing stimuli
        • balance beam
        • tower task
    • “Do” (3x): measure compliance
        • tower cleanup
        • toy sort
        • toy return

Assessment Format: direct assessment as child completes a standard battery of tests


Internal Consistency in a Head Start Sample:

    • Attention/Impulse Control, Fall—Long α = .931
    • Attention/Impulse Control, Spring—Long α = .923
    • Attention/Impulse Control, Fall—Short α = .933
    • Attention/Impulse Control, Spring—Short α = .926
    • Positive Emotion, Fall—Long α = .869
    • Positive Emotion, Spring—Long α = .822
    • Positive Emotion, Fall—Short α = .871
    • Positive Emotion, Spring—Short α = .842

Source: https://steinhardt.nyu.edu/ihdsc/projects/csrp/preschool-self-regulation-assessment-psra

Source: https://psycnet.apa.org/doiLanding?doi=10.1037%2Ft71117-000

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