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ScreenQ Measure of Screen-Based Media Use (ScreenQ)


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evaluation focus

Screen-Based Media Use

applicable ages

36-63 months; 3-5 years

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ScreenQ – Conceptual Model


The ScreenQ is an instrument that can be used to measure screen-based media use. The measure was developed to reflect American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommendations around screen-based media use and is scored on a scale of high to low adherence to these recommendations.


Types of AAP Recommendations:

    • Access to Screens
    • Frequency
    • Content
    • Co-Viewing

4 External Criteria:

    • Expressive Language
    • Speed of Professing
    • Emergent Literacy
    • Cognitive Stimulation

Administration Format: parent report


Reliability and Validity:

    • Psychometric properties assessed using Rasch methods and Spearman’s ρ correlations were found to be strong (rCo-α = 0.74).
    • ScreenQ scores were negatively correlated with scores on several other metrics, including:
        • CTOPP-2 (Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing, Second Edition): rρ = −0.57
        • EVT-2 (Expressive Vocabulary Test, Second Edition): rρ = −0.45
        • GRTR (Get Ready to Read!): rρ = −0.30
        • StimQ-P: rρ = −0.42


Source: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32050256 (Hutton 2020)

supporting literature

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PDF: ScreenQ – 1 – Hutton 2020
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