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Adult-Child Interactive Reading Inventory (ACIRI)


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evaluation focus

Shared Reading Quality

applicable ages

Early Childhood

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English and Spanish


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The Adult-Child Interactive Reading Inventory is an instrument that measures the quality of shared reading between adults and children. It may be useful to parents, early childhood educators, and family literacy programs that support the child’s development of emergent literacy skills.


3 Categories of Adult and Child Behaviors Assessed:


    • Enhancing Attention to Text
        • Maintaining Physical Proximity
        • Sustaining Interest and Attention
        • Holding the Book and Turning Pages
        • Displaying a Sense of Audience
    • Promoting Interactive Reading and Supporting Comprehension
        • Posing and Soliciting Questions
        • Identifying and Understanding Pictures and Words
        • Relating Content to Personal Experiences
        • Pausing to Answer Questions
    • Using Literacy Strategies
        • Identifying Visual Cues
        • Predicting What Happens Next
        • Recalling Information
        • Elaborating on Ideas

Administration Format: Parent-Child Observation, Assessment, and Scoring

Administration Time: 15-20 minutes


Reliability and Validity: parent’s and child’s scores were significantly correlated on individual ACIRI items and in the three ACIRI behavior categories. Child scores tended to increase as their parent’s score increased. Interrater reliability tests suggested high agreement among the eight observers using the ACIRI to score the same six parent-child reading sessions. (DeBruin-Parecki 1999 & Dixon-Krauss 2010)


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Source: https://store.monacoassociates.com/Lets-Read-Together.aspx

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Link: https://store.monacoassociates.com/Lets-Read-Together.aspx

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