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During the pandemic, health care workers have had to think outside of the box in response to the dramatic drop in child immunizations. In hard-hit areas, like the city of Boston, the message for the last seven weeks has been to stay home to flatten the curve, leaving many parents with fewer options to receive/access […]

Q&A with Dr. Amy Shriver

April 20, 2020
As a parent and pediatrician, Dr. Shriver answers COVID-19 related questions and provides personal insight into the impact of Reach Out and Read on families, communities, and society-at-large. Dr. Amy Shriver, General Pediatrician at Blank Children’s Pediatric Clinic, Medical Director of Reach Out and Read Iowa, Assistant Professor of Specialty Medicine at Des Moines University […]
Reach Out and Read is thrilled to officially welcome Mark Del Monte and Lilly deSouza Burr to the National Board of Directors. Mark is the CEO/Executive Vice President of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Mark has for many years been a strong supporter and advocate of Reach Out and Read. We very much look forward […]


April 9, 2020
What started as a somewhat “nutty” idea by some of our pediatricians has turned into a full-scale outpouring of joy and love for reading together during these isolating times. Reach Out and Read’s video project #ReadTogether encourages family reading time and bonding by asking individuals to film and share videos of themselves reading children’s books […]
In these times of uncertainty, Perri Klass’ article in the New York Times, “Getting Through, Making Memories, and Being the Grown-Ups” offers ways to make this defining time in your children’s life about more than the pandemic. Klass states, “Parents have some power here. You can’t change the world, and you can’t change the larger […]
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