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A new, peer-reviewed study in Academic Pediatrics demonstrates the impact of Reach Out and Read, a program leading the way in supporting healthy early parent-child relationships through shared reading. The research, which includes more than 100,000 survey responses, shows that parents/caregivers exposed to the Reach Out and Read program are significantly more likely to read […]
(Washington Post) In the pediatric world, we’ve worried a great deal about what we call ACEs, or adverse childhood experiences, which can disrupt children’s lives and get in the way of the safe and stable nurturing relationships they need. Research has shown us the long shadows that early adversity can cast over health and mental […]
(WGBH) Experts say a child’s health and well-being during the first three years of their life will affect their future learning, behavior and health. Countless studies show that reading to children during that period is crucial for their cognitive development and for fostering a strong parent-child bond. The nonprofit Reach Out and Read aims to make that goal attainable […]
(The Newport Buzz) For the first time in five years, the Appropriations Committee finished passing all twelve individual appropriations bills with overwhelming bipartisan votes. U.S. Senator Jack Reed, a senior member of the Appropriations Committee, helped pass four key spending bills out of committee this week, ensuring Rhode Island gets its fair share of federal […]
(Defense Visual Information Distribution Service) The magic of reading and storytelling is a typical setting at the Beale pediatrics’ clinic after Beale pediatricians partnered with the Reach Out and Read program. Maj. Scott Corrigan and Capt. Michael Migita, pediatricians with the 9th Healthcare Operations Squadron, continue the charge to incorporate reading into clinical visits. The […]
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