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ARTICLES • American Academy of Pediatrics article: Traumatic Impact of Racism on Young People  • American Academy of Pediatrics’ news release condemning racism here.  • American Academy of Pediatrics Statement: Dismantle Racism at Every Level  • Healthy Children: Talking to Children About Racial Bias  • American Public Health Association: Addressing Law Enforcement Violence as a […]
This is the discussion that goes, “better to come home alive and fight the righteous battle on another day, with your parents at your side, than to have a situation escalate and end with your death.”
Join Reach Out and Read Georgia partner, Coy Bowles as he reads Behind the Little Red Door! Behind the Little Red Door encourages reading, innovation, and fun while learning for children, side-by-side with their adult counterparts.
I’ve felt like I’ve been in the eye of command central since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and I haven’t slowed down since.
Relationships and resources support secure environments and present fun and important opportunities for one-on-one engagement with a loved one.
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